Riley S. Keene is currently writing or producing many different series. The below are just what is currently in print.

Heroes By Necessity

They're heroes. Just not by choice.

Heroes by Necessity is a fantasy series that has roots in your favorite video games or table top games. It features three main characters who go looking for power, but instead find they are swept along in the plans of beings much larger then they are.

dARkness: Online

A fantasy portal, crafting LitRPG, dARkness: Online features a wheelchair-bound engineer and her exploits in the False Lands, a pseudo-world created by the malevolent Artificial Intelligence behind her favorite mobile augmented reality game. Will Tanisha be use her skills to overcome Otekah's challenges, or is she trapped far from home until a grisly death?


Underrealm is the massive, multi-book, multi-author series started by Garrett B. Robinson. Riley has been contracted to write stand-alone short stories and a series for Underrealm as an external author. These books will focus on a side character's adventures after events in the book QUEST.


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