Heroes By Necessity

They're heroes. Just not by choice.
Beginnings - Book Zero

Athala Dohn, Elise Bresch, and Ragan Ermolt all have one thing in common - they're heroes that are just along for the ride. Their intentions are good, sure, but these aren't the people you'd think of when you think of a hero.

Athala's story focuses on the origins of her lust for power and her feud with her brother.

In Elise's story we follow her transition from urchin to Conscript, and see the man who helped mold her into the person she is.

And Ermolt's story is a tale of revenge and growing up, and of what it means to be a true hero.

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Ancients - Book One

A quest for power. A growing evil. Can a scholar of magic keep an incredible discovery from the forces of chaos?


Wizard and bookworm Athala Dohn pursues her research with a fiery passion. So when she uncovers evidence of an ancient spell buried deep within the city, she won’t rest until she’s the one who makes the find. Determined to outwit potentially-deadly magical protections, Athala brings help: a Conscript, Elise Bresch, and a barbarian, Ragan Ermolt. Together they enter the sewers completely unprepared for what awaits…


With undead skeletons, giant rats, and even a dragon in their path, Athala never expected a set of metal bars to thwart her. But when a corrupt man imprisons and tortures her and her friends, the scholar realizes her curiosity may have unleashed destruction upon all of Neuges. Athala has one chance to escape captivity and claim the spell before the Age of Mortals slips from humanity's grasp.

Bargain- Book Two

A holy quest. A hidden foe. Can a Conscript of Ydia bring about the Age of Mortals?


Warrior priestess and guardian Elise Bresch has helped do the impossible - she has liberated her God's dragon, Meodryt, from its imprisonment, thus starting down the path of freeing humanity from the tyranny of the Gods. Along with her friends - the wizard, Athala Dohn, and barbarian, Ragan Ermolt - Elise must travel to Jalova and find the God of Sky’s dragon, which has been hidden for decades.


And then she has to kill it.


An impossible task requires an impossible ally, and Elise is able to find such a person in Merylle Callac, former High Priest of Teis, and current leader of the Overseers, a group of sanctioned thieves. Will Merylle's guile help Elise kill Sirur, or will Elise face the wrath of Meodryt for her failure?

Destiny - Book Three

A heroic quest. A city under siege. Can one man save everyone from total destruction?


Weaponsmaster and barbarian of the northlands, Ragan Ermolt, has killed his first dragon and he can’t wait to kill another. And another. With his friends – the wizard, Athala Dohn, and the Conscript, Elise Bresch – to support him, Ermolt knows that he can do it. He’ll be the Slayer of Dragons, and help Athala bring about the Age of Mortals… whatever that is.


But Jirda – home to the God of Night, Numara, and Her dragon, Undyt – is under the control of the mysterious interloper known as the Prophet. He’s rallied the city against outsiders, and has specific plans for the dragon Ermolt wants to kill. With a whole city trying to stop them, can Ermolt and his friends have any chance of taking on Undyt, or will the Prophet’s darkest desires be unleashed upon Neuges?

Crossroad- Book Four

A long forgotten god. An abandoned Temple full of undead. Can the Favor of Isadon really bring the dead back to life?


The Age of Mortals temporarily forgotten, Elise Bresch and Ragan Ermolt regroup to focus on returning their friend and companion, Athala Dohn, from the Nether. Or wherever Meodryt's fateful bite sent her.


Following instructions that are little more than campfire tales leads them to Marska, a long-abandoned city full of rumors - and bandits. Finding the fabled Temple of Isadon - a relic of centuries past - is easy, but getting inside proves to be a bit tougher.


Elise and Ermolt refuse to leave empty handed; their goal is to retrieve the Favor of Isadon, a magic relic of the forgotten God of Death, and use it to bring Athala back. But the guardians of the Temple - including the fearsome Champion - refuse to just let them take it. Will Elise and Ermolt overcome the trials of Isadon's Temple, or will the long-dead God of Death gain two new servants?

Command- Book Five

A family torn by greed. A city corrupted by lies. Can one woman do the impossible before its too late?


Athala Dohn never thought she'd see her home city of Lublis again. At least, not while her brother still lives. But the cost of her resurrection must be repaid, and going home is just the start.

Things are a little different than she remembers. There are refuges everywhere, for one. And her mortal enemy has convinced everyone he's a God, for another.


At least some things haven't changed: her brother is still trying to kill her.


Can Athala and her companions fulfill the God of Death's demands to raise his Rise, or will Malger's avarice put them all deep under ground?


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