It Begins.

Like all good things, we have to start somewhere. And this has been a long-time coming.

My name is Riley S. Keene, and I write books.

Although, if you've been around for more than three minutes, you'll know that's not true. My name is really Kristen, and I'm the "Keene" (and half of the "S.") part of the name Riley S. Keene. The "Riley" (and other half of the "S.") is my husband Robert.

We've been writing together for over ten years, although before four years ago it was mostly roleplaying posts on various websites and forums. You might have seen us, if those were your thing. Or maybe you've seen us in various video games, roleplaying and telling stories with friends and not-friends alike. Or maybe we've played a table top game or two together.

Ultimately, Robert and I love to tell stories, and love to create characters in those stories.

Hence our books.

We have multiple books in multiple series either written or planned at this exact moment. We're happy to just write and share with you our stories.

So let's enjoy some words together, eh?

Lots of love,

Riley S. Keene (the Keene half)

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