Weekly Production Check In - 7/21/2017

Greeting and salutations blogsphere! Kristen (the "Keene" of RSK) checking in to give you the weekly update on the RSK Writing Experience (TM).

In my paranoid imagination, I envision that in two years when our books are out and we have a small following, people are going to look back at this blog/news page and be like "what is this useless crud about production check ins? Did RSK think this was valuable?"

No. No, we do not. The thing is, this keeps us accountable. Every week, I have to come to this webpage and enter in some text about how I didn't do a thing and that's horrible.

And I do it right before the weekend. So then I feel super guilty and actually motivated to get things done.

But anyway! This week!

Kind of an unproductive week. A lot happened though, so let's see.

This week, I got hit with a migraine and a bout of depression. Yay! The two aren't related, but boy howdy do they have the same effect on my ability to get things done.

Additionally, early this week, I bought a car. For a long while, Robert and I lived in Seattle, in the heart of the city, and so we didn't need a vehicle. We took public transportation, walked, etc. But now that we're in a small town in Oregon, we need a car.

So we bought one.

It's almost twenty years old. It has a lot of miles on it. But it was cheap. And so I'm happy to add it to our family. May it serve us well.

On Wednesday I did get word that I was invited into a beta program for Holly Lisle's "Publishing While Broke" workshop. I've been a big fan of Holly for a lot of years, and her writer workshops and courses have been amazingly helpful. So I'm excited for that program. I'll be using ANCIENTS as the guinea pig. Fingers crossed that something good comes out of it.

Speaking of, though, I should really get back to work. Picking up the printed copy of BEGINNINGS today so that I can start editing that, and I also need to finish the outline for BARGAIN. It should be a blast.

Well, that's all I have for you this week, frainds. I hope everyone has a lovely week and we'll talk soon!



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