Ancients is off to the beta readers!

Greeting and salutations blogsphere! Kristen (the "Keene" of RSK) checking in to give you an update on the RSK Writing Experience (TM). You know. Since it's been three weeks since the last update.

When the going gets tough, I go into high gear. So there's been a lot of stuff going on, but most of it happens in such a blur.

Since my last update, ANCIENTS has gone to beta readers and I've gotten my first bits of feedback! Additionally, I started the next series.

On the Robert (the "Riley" of RSK) side of things, BARGAIN's first draft has been completed and second pass has begun, and then next week sometime DESTINY should begin first draft.

No, we don't stop.

Can't stop.

Must keep going.

All dreams must be fulfilled!

Ehem, sorry.

(Man, I could watch some Tangled now. No! Bad Kristen! Focus!)

I've also been trying to step up to old social media game, but I'm really terrible at it. A friend of mine is helping me out, so huge shout out to Mary and her amazing work. Seriously.

But alright. I've taken up enough of your time for now, but we'll talk soon, yah?


If deadlines don't eat my life.

So many, many deadlines.

All for you.

The imaginary people who I made up to enjoy these posts.

You're welcome, people.

#edits #checkin #ancients #betareaders


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