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Greeting and salutations blogsphere! Kristen (the "Keene" of RSK) checking in to give you an update on the RSK Writing Experience (TM). You know. Since it's been nearly two months since the last one. She's actually fairly terrible at all this, but there's hope on the horizon folks! So let's dig in.

Ancients Back from Beta Readers

We got Ancients back from the beta readers in October, and while there were many positive things to be said, there were some negative things.

Mostly in how certain characters were presented.

Things have been corrected, though, and feedback is positive. So that's good.

Pre-orders are Up

Pre-orders for Ancients went live earlier this month, with paperbacks to soon follow. The pre-order happened with little fanfare from RSK, but a lot of fanfare from our friend, Garrett. You know, he of the Nightblade Epic fame. Yeah. That guy.

Launch day is November 30th, so nine days away. Oh lord. I'm totally not panicking.

Beginnings Coming Soon (TM)

Before Ancients launches, Beginnings needs to be finalized. Things were going really well on it, but I got super sick the past few weeks and so haven't been putting in the time necessary. It'll be done by this weekend though, come hell or high water. So hopefully after that's done, I can start sending out emails to the weird people that have already signed up for the list.

The Next Series

Status on the next series was great, then grim, and now it's neutral. I'm not allowed to talk about the project much, but I can confirm it is going to be awesome now that all parties involved are on the same page.

But don't fret! Just because I'm starting the outline for the next thing doesn't mean Heroes By Necessity is going anywhere! We've got three books completed so far, with The Schedule (TM) calling to publish one every four months. Robert is working on Heroes By Necessity in between the other project to keep us on track, so that schedule won't be changing anytime soon.

Which is good, because I'm tired of redoing it.

Speaking of Robert...

Destiny's first draft is complete! A few weeks late, but that's more my fault than anything. He'll begin the first draft of the next project starting in December, with more Heroes By Necessity (Crossroad!) to start in March.

Can't stop won't stop.

Lastly, Social Media

I've saved the best for last.

Starting with the launch of Ancients, I have no excuses and will need to be doing constant social media or risk all of everything being for nothing. Yay! So what does that mean? Actual weekly updates. Posts on Facebook and Twitter three times a week. And maybe even some giveaways and things when the dust settles.

So be ready, folks. It's about to get lit up in here.

So that's it, lovely people that for some reason actually read these things. I've written a lot today, and so I'm going to go play a bit of Rimworld and then collapse into a pile of sleep.

Happy Thanksgiving to those who practice, and for the rest of you enjoy your Thursday!

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