InstaFreebie Giveaways for February

Hail friends and heroes alike! Just a quick heads up for all of you... a preview of Ancients is featured in some giveaways over on InstaFreebie, and there are some AMAZING books and previews available right along side it!

InstaFreebie gives you the e-reader copy of your choice, including .mobi (for Kindle), .epub (for all other e-readers), or even PDF if you'd rather that. So there's no excuse! Check out these awesome giveaways now!

First up we have the Fabulous February Fantasy Giveaway (say THAT three times fast), which has over 150 fantasy-related books ranging from steampunk to paranomal to epic! You can check out the giveaway here for all the fantastic free fantasy your heart can desire!

Be sure to check out The Barnacle Chronicles: The Search for Dark Matter--I've started reading this dark fantasy myself and the unique story has me hooked!

I've also got my eye on Hatchling by Kaye Fairburn... LitRPG is a genre that fascinates me a lot! And look at that cover!

Next is the Magic, Mystery, Adventure giveaway, specifically for fantasy and adventure stories! There are over 60 magic-, mystery-, or adventure-based books and previews ready for your e-reader of choice!

Check it out here and be sure to claim a copy of The Forbidden City: The Kings Lion Tales. I haven't started this one, but the cover drew me right in!

That's all I have for the day folks -- be sure to check back next week for a new Inside View!

Now to escape to the writing cave!

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