Brain to Books Cyber Con and Expo!

There's been a little bit of silence around here, and we apologize for that, heroes.

Kristen, the "Keene" of Riley S. Keene, apparently had a sinus infection that turned into Bronchitis for the past six weeks. She's stubborn, so she completely tried to work through it. It didn't go well.

But now that the antibiotics and steroids are working, we have a bit of a treat for you!

We are participating in Brain to Books Cyber Con and Expo this year, hosted over on Goodreads! There are a ton of authors participating in a huge cyber convention filled with giveaways, author-hosted trade shows, and more! Come stop by and show your support, and check out the really awesome authors participating!

More information can be found here:

We hope to see you there!



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