$0.99 Sale! Impact! Destiny! All the things!

The quickest of updates as we rush for the finish line on a lot of projects!

First up:

Ancients is on sale!

July 26th through August 1st, Ancients, the first book in the Heroes by Necessity series, is only $0.99! It's also still available for free on Kindle Unlimited, but only until August 26th.

Pick up your copy today!

Second up:

Impact released yesterday! And our story, The Heat of the Dragon, is one of the featured stories!



1) One object colliding with another

2) An impinging of something upon something else

3) An influence or effect on something or someone

4) The force of a new idea, concept, technology or ideology

Four definitions to inspire writers around the world, and an unlimited number of possible stories to tell, but only 110 made the final cut.

A difficult choice to be made. An object hurtling recklessly through space. A new invention that will change the world. So many things can impact a life, a society, or a planet.

Impact features 300 word speculative fiction ficlets from across the queer spectrum from the minds of the writers of Queer Sci Fi.

Welcome to Impact.

Lastly, and nowhere near least(ly):

Destiny is releasing on Tuesday!

This book has been a ride. I'll talk more about that on the reguarly scheduled blog post next month.

Oh, and since this is also the third book in the series, be on the look out for a box set soon, if that's your thing.

Alright folks. we're out. Enjoy your books and we'll see you on the 15th!


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