Overwhelm, burnout, and death

Hail, heroes. You may have noticed the 15th has come and gone without and Inside View, and for that we apologize greatly. There's been quite a lot going on in our little slice of the world, so we thought we'd give you the skinny instead of an excuse.

1) Death in the family

Riley's paternal grandfather passed away this last month. There's not much that can be said that hasn't been said already, but we wanted to just express how eternally grateful we were for him, and how much he'll be missed.

2) Overwhelm

On Keene's side of things, overwhelm has been building. Her workload has been ramping up as is normal for the end of the summer, but with the added bonus of her boss being out on maternity leave. And Keene, in her infinite wisdom, decided to accept more of the workload and even provide supervisory details. Because...

3) Burnout

There has been a lot of work on both Riley's and Keene's plates. For the unaware, we launched a Patreon earlier this month and we've been producing a chapter a week for it. On paper, that doesn't seem like much, right? Well, the execution has been much more than the napkin math proclaimed. And while it isn't too much to handle, on top of everything else it's been a little much. So we've been playing more video games to relax (replaying the Saint's Row series at the moment!) and spending much more time with friends.

Only... friends, too, became burnout material. Apparently, when you're super stressed out, it's easier to get mad at people for small infractions.

So we've decided to cut all but the essentials out of our lives and try to get back on track.

Essentials like the three D&D games we were playing in.

And the Discords we were participating in.



It's not all bad! We've got some plans to get back on track, so let's discuss those for a second. Goal setting is important, you know.

1) Production (Riley)

Right now, Riley is working on Command, Book Five of Heroes by Necessity. He's almost done with the first draft, and should be wrapping it up before the end of the month.

Riley is also working on The Unbound God chapters once a week.

2) Production (Keene)

Right now, Keene is wrapping up the outline for Darkness Named, Book One of the dARkness: Online trilogy. Yep. We're writing LitRPG. Riley will start production on the actual story next month, and we're both super excited for it. Outlining this story has been one of the easiest things, and we're just in love with the idea.

After that is done, Keene has to finish outlining Opposition, Book Six of Heroes by Necessity. The "hardest" part is done, and now it's just expanding everything into 500-ish words, which is the slogging part. She'll get there eventually.

Next month, Keene will be working on editing Crossroad, Book Four of Heroes by Necessity.

She's also outlining and editing chapters for The Unbound God.


I think I'm starting to see where her burnout is coming from.

But alright! That's it! We're done rambling over all the things, and so if you have made it this far you are a saint and also possibly a little weird. But that's okay. We like weird around here.

So, until next month, heroes, stay hydrated and much love!

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