Past, present, and near future

Hail, heroes!

Once upon a time, Riley S. Keene maintained a schedule of updating their blog once a month. It was ambitious, but the only reason it happened was because Robert (the 'Riley' of RSK) wrote the blog posts in advance and Kristen (the 'Keene' of RSK) would just edit them and post them day of.

System worked great until they ran out of posts.

And then it never happened again~

Great story, huh? Shame it's the truth and not fiction.


We have all intents to return to the glory days of blogging every month (if they can be considered glorious), but we've just been so darn busy trying to keep up with the production schedule.

What's been going on?

Well, this month (November) is the one year anniversary of releasing Ancients! Since it came out, RSK has published two other full-length books (Bargain and Destiny), a 12,000 word short story set in Underrealm (Chasing Moonslight), and many flash and micro fictions for anthologies. We also launched a Patreon with (nearly) weekly chapters going up.

We have also suffered loss of family, each had the flu twice, had a friend visiting for a month, and had our 23 year old car break down three times in nearly catastrophic ways.

2018 has been a harsh year, but we have prevailed.


So, what's going on right now? Well, Ancients has been revamped slightly, and the ebook is on sale right now for $0.99, and it's available at (almost) all retailers!

(Click the image to find out more!)

Bargain and Destiny will be available at the same retailers very shortly (the files are being reviewed as I type this!).

In other exciting news, on 11/30/2018, we will be releasing a box set of the first three books. Here's a sneak preview of that awesomeness...

Last up, a bit of sad news - the boxset being released means that Crossroad will not be released on the 30th. We're just too far behind. But it will be out in March, and we'll have some more information about that, and other upcoming releases Soon (tm).

I really want to talk about all the stuff that's coming up. I do. But I can't. Mostly because I hate overpromising, which I've already done once this year with Crossroad, so I'm just... zipping my lips. But don't worry, heroes. We've got a bucket of things planned.

Keep checking back (or sign up for our mailing list!) for additional information.

Ultimately, it feels kinda good to talk about all the things that have been going on.

This year has been rough, but I refuse to let it get the best of us.

Thanks for checking in, heroes, and hope to talk (at) you again soon~

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