A Life Update

Howdy folks!

It's been a little while (two months? Oops.) since our last update, and so we wanted to make sure we were in communication before it became three months.

So, let's start with a bit of a news update...

Crossroad, Book Four of the Heroes By Necessity series released March 31, 2019! This was the hardest book to write yet, since the dynamics were all changed up, but it was also a lot of fun. Crossroad was the original story we wrote in this world, and while a lot changed from the early NaNoWriMo draft, it was still an inspiration.

Additionally, we launched a Kickstarter for Darkness Named! Since we haven't, uh, talked about Darkness Named around here, this is the twenty second version: Darkness Named is the first in a GameLit/LitRPG trilogy about a disabled gamer who is transported to a world based on the augmented reality mobile game, dARkness: Online.

After only four days, we were successfully funded, and now we have the fun task of coming up with stretch goal rewards! How cool is that? Please be sure to check out the campaign!

Lastly, we're moving! And quite a distance too. We're going from McMinnville, Oregon, to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. This nearly 3,000 mile move is to help us be closer to family, since we both have family in the area. We're also hoping to focus on writing (we have a plan to release a book a month starting July - which sounds absolutely overwhelming, but we'll get there) so hopefully that means more books for y'all!

Ultimately, though, we're sorry we failed so hard at posting a blog post last month. It's just... *points up* all that. It took priority.

We'll be back in May with another post about Bargain, and then I think we'll wrap up this series as quick as we can so I can talk about Destiny. Because I have Some Feelings.

Much love,

Riley S. Keene



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