New Releases! - June 2019

Hail, heroes! Can you believe it? We're already at the end of June, and so it's time for New Releases!


There aren't any this month.

Whomp whomp.

Instead, we're going to explain a little bit about our upcoming releases, as well as share a few other bits of news!

July 2019

Command, Book Six of our epic fantasy series Heroes By Necessity, is set to release July 31st! We haven't talked about this one very much yet, and even haven't finished setting up the preorder page or done a cover reveal! But that's because we're focusing on things a bit out of order...

August 2019

So, in August, Darkness Named, the first book in our new LitRPG trilogy dARkness: Online, will release! This one is huge for us... you might remember we actually launched a Kickstarter for it, and with the help of some amazing fans, actually got to bring this one to light!

There will be more information soon, but for now, bask in the awesomeness that is this cover!

We're super in love. A huge shout out and thanks to the artist, Sita Duncan, for her amazing work!

So, you might be asking yourself: "Riley, why are you guys focusing on this one, which comes out in August, instead of Command?" Well, thank you for asking! You see, as previously mentioned, we had a Kickstarter for this book! And backers get the book early because they're made of awesome and we wanted to reward them for it. So, we have a tight deadline to get it to them ASAP, which means it's going through final edits now! But don't worry - this is all part of the plan!

Last up, we want to share a bit of other news with you folks... in addition to having two releases over the next two months, we are committing ourselves to a once-a-month release schedule for the foreseeable future! We have a lot of books to share with you folks, and we're really looking forward to sharing them!

But those announcements are for a future date!~ For now... we hope you've had a really awesome June, and here's to the temperature coming down just a tiny bit!



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