Upcoming Events - July 2019

Happy July, Heroes!

It's summer time in the northern hemisphere, and we're currently dying of heat.

Our recent move brought us from the west coast (specifically Oregon) to the east coast (specifically Pennsylvania), and the change in seasonal temperature is just a bit too much. We'll adapt eventually, but until then, we're just going to be miserable about it.

As we mentioned last month, our weekly blog schedule is a thing we're trying, and so far, it's been going pretty okay! Not sure if these segments are actually helpful to anyone, so feel free to comment and let me know if there's something you like, or something you'd like to see changed.

But for now, here's the list of upcoming events for July!

  • July 1 - All Heroes By Necessity books returning to Kindle Unlimited

  • July 7 - Darkness Named to Kickstarter backers

  • July 10 - This Month I Learned (TMIL) blog segment

  • July 17 - What I'm Reading blog segment

  • July 24 - Inside View blog segment

  • July 31 - New Release: Command, Heroes by Necessity Book 5

  • July 31 - New Releases blog segment

So, that first one... already got delayed a bit. Things is, we asked for our books to be removed from all retailers other than Amazon, but they are taking their darn sweet time getting there. Until they are removed, we can't add the books to KU. And so, we'll just sit here and wait.

You'll notice there's a new release mentioned there! Command is available for preorder, and it will be released in KU just like Crossroad was! Wahoo! We'll talk a little more about Command over on our mailing list (of which you should totally sign up for - you even get a free book!) but, suffice to say that this is one of our favorites. Athala really starts to come into her own, and it's amazing.

And that's everything for now! We'll see you next week!

Riley and Keene


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