What I'm Reading (July 2019)

Hail, Heroes, and welcome to July's edition of What I'm Reading, where Kristen and Robert of Riley S. Keene share some of the titles they're reading this month, as well as some thoughts on the books themselves!

Let's get into it.

First up, we have Slay the Dragon: Writing Great Video Games by Robert Denton Braynt and Keith Giglio!

Last month we mentioned that Kristen loves getting at least one non-fiction book about writing in... well, this month they decided to pick up a book from their wishlist. Instead of reading about marketing or something else boring, they're focused on what makes interactive narrative stories great.

It's been a really fun read so far, and Kristen had gotten a ton of ideas for how to make LitRPG novels better! If you're interested in writing GameLit or LitRPG, and want to really nail the unique type of storytelling that can only be mastered in game form... check this one out!

Next up, Hunter's Bond by C.E. Keene!

Kristen and Robert both started playing Monster Hunter World last month, and since then we've both been hankering for some giant monster fighting and endless grinding in story form. There aren't too many Monster Hunter-inspired LitRPGs out there, but thankfully this one is frickin' fantastic so far.

This book is highly recommended!

Last up is Irrelevant Jack by Prax Venter!

Having trouble remembering when, but someone recommended this GameLit novel to Kristen. They love town building LitRPGs, and this one is supposed to be pretty darn good. Haven't started it yet - still working through the other two - but they are looking forward to giving this story a whirl!

That's it for the books on our TBR this month... a little lighter than usual, but we're ramping up production and so there isn't a whole lot of time for reading.

What are your favorite reads this month? We'd especially love to be introduced to some new non-harem LitRPG or Gamelit series! Crafting and town building are a must!


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