What I'm Reading (June 2019)

Hail, Heroes, and welcome to June's edition of What I'm Reading, where Kristen and Robert of Riley S. Keene share some of the titles they're reading this month, as well as some thoughts on the books themselves!

Let's get into it.

First up, we have Become a Successful Indie Author by Craig Martelle!

Kristen tries to get in at least one book a month on the "craft" of writing, or on sales and marketing. Will it ever pay off? Who knows! They're a few chapters in, and have already had a few eureka moments.

Next up, Side Quest: Unity by Travis Bagwell!

Kristen is a *huge* fan of Awaken Online, even if Jason can be a little... offputting at times. This book is all about Frank though, and it's an amazing addition to the series so far! It literally just came out, and already Kristen is halfway done...

Did you know we're a Thingman (betareader) for Eric Ugland? Well, Home Siege Home just came out!

One of our favorites so far, Montana is learning to really take things a bit seriously. It's a shame the rest of the world is like nine steps ahead of him. Highly recommend this series for anyone wanting to get into GameLit/LitRPG but not knowing where to start.

Last up is Vines of Ostara by John Logsdon and Noah Sturdevant!

This is a new one that just came to our attention a few days ago; the covers remind us of World of Warcraft and the sample is pretty good. It'll be next on the list after we finish up Frank's adventure, so yeah.

That's it for the books on our TBR this month... don't worry - we have thousands more to go. Ugh.

What are your favorite reads this month? We'd especially love to be introduced to some new non-harem LitRPG or Gamelit series!


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