Underrealm is a massive fantasy world created by Garrett Robinson of Legacy Books. Riley S. Keene just likes playing in the sandbox.

Chasing Moonslight
A Chronicle of Underrealm

Aurel can't help but help...even when it comes to killers.

Aurel the silversmith is a famously generous man, and he has been of inestimable help to some of the mightiest figures in Underrealm. It has earned him powerful friends, and it's even earned him a bit of coin.

And today it might get him killed.

An assassin of the Tabarzin is asleep in Aurel's basement, and the law is hunting for her. He has no idea what to do about her, and it couldn't have come at a worse time: he's overloaded with work, and he's just been commissioned to make a locket for the father of a dying child.

Oh, and he'll also have to entertain Xain of the family Forredar—lifelong friend to Aurel, but sworn mortal enemy of the Tabarzin and the family they serve.

Aurel is a peaceful man. But it remains to be seen whether he can help those he has sworn to serve, while also keeping his friends and allies from killing each other within his very own home...

Series Coming Soon

Watch this space for more information! 


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